Working Actor

Accomplished actress Wendy Braun has built a dynamic career as a versatile performer shining in roles in both film and television.

She’s enjoyed four seasons on the celebrated original Netflix series, Atypical, opposite Jennifer Jason Leigh and Michael Rapaport. TV.com declared, "A stand-out among the recurring cast is Wendy Braun,” for her hilarious portrayal as the uptight but well-intentioned Kathy, on the hit show.

With over 75 TV + Film credits, over 100 commercials + thousands of voiceovers, Braun has combined decades of invaluable on-set experience with her passion for inspiring others. As the CEO + founder of ActorInspiration.com, Braun provides practical advice and empowering tools to help actors create radical breakthroughs in their lives and careers.

Braun (and her signature Success Breakthrough Workshop online course) was recently featured in Forbes for her game-changing work helping thousands of creatives worldwide to overcome obstacles and discover success on their own terms.

Actors who listen to Wendy’s guided meditations say, “I felt better in 15 minutes than I have all year.”

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