Positive self-talk is essential for us and our daily success.

That is why our founder, Christine Horn, coined the phrase BOOKING MAGNET as a way to refer to our community of ACTORS.

We offer personal coaching through our live and on-line conferences and workshops to help instill these beliefs into our students.

After students work with us, they leave with more confidence in front of the camera and in their daily lives.


In case you are not familiar with the law of attraction, it is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. As actors, we can often focus on the worst-case scenario when it comes to auditions, bookings or our potential. You do, however, have a choice. I’m not saying it’s always easy, but it is possible to become aware of your thoughts so that you do not constantly bring more negativity into your life.

I’m also a student of quantum physics (the study of the building blocks of the universe.) As humans we are made of tissue and organs. They are made up of cells. Cells are made of molecules and molecules are made of atoms. I know, I’m taking you back to science class so bear with me. Atoms are made of subatomic particles. These particles are energy. So, to break it down, YOU are energy. We all are. Everything is energy.

Whether you fully understand it or believe in science, it is a fact. We are energy and we all put out vibrations. Some of us like to call it vibe for short.

Have you ever heard yourself say, “I like her vibe ?”

What you are really expressing is the fact that you like the energy that this person is putting out in the world. It feels good to you.

We naturally want to be around people and do things that flow with our personal vibe. Everyone in your circle was drawn to you by the vibe you put out. You attracted them to your life. So, depending on what you have been putting out will explain why certain people bring positive or negative energy to your life.

I’ve mentioned all of this to explain why I coined the term Booking Magnet. As I saw more auditions and bookings flowing into my life, I understood that I wanted to experience more of that on a daily basis. Since I understand that I am energy and that what I focus on expands (whether positive or negative) I decided to focus only on the positive. By calling myself a Booking Magnet, I see myself as a magnet with volts of energy in search of amazing experiences! I know that I’m great at what I do and I desire to attract more bookings, auditions and amazing relationships into my life.

So instead of doubting myself, I spoke life into myself. I still do it on a daily basis. If I don’t, who will?

I am a booking magnet.
I am a booking magnet.
I am a booking magnet.

Even when you have zero bookings, or no auditions, I want to invite you to speak this sentence to yourself over, and over and over again until it becomes your reality.

Whether you believe it or not, you are in fact a magnet. If you don’t like what you see around you, change your vibration. Make a new decision about what you desire to experience in your life. Don’t be fooled by what you see right now. Give your attention to the positive and you will be amazed at how your life and career can change.

I am a booking magnet.
I am a booking magnet.
I am a booking magnet.

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